Liberty Ave needs a BID

Lately, Liberty Avenue has been really dirty especially on the Brooklyn Side. Most vacant storefronts are filled with trash and graffiti. Community members and leaders have spoken about it for years, Is it time to start a BID?

A BID is a Business Improvement District which is a non-profit focused on the businesses within the district. BID’s are reasonable for Street Cleaning & Maintenance, Public Safety & Hospitality, Marketing & Events, Capital improvements, Beautification, Advocacy, and business development.

Woodhaven has had a BID for 28 years and it has worked out great. Within Woodhavens BID, Jamaica Ave is extremely clean, you never see trash cans overflowing or graffiti on a business. From our understanding the BID has a few members on payroll and they are responsible for daily cleaning and maintenance, While they use volunteers for bigger projects like a clean-up day where there is not one piece of trash left on the Avenue.

Councilwoman Darma Diaz (37) has hinted that she will be teaming up with an organization to remove graffiti within her district. Residents are also urged to report any illegal dumping to DSNY via 311. With an upcoming election for Diaz, the question remains will we ever have a clean Avenue.

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